You’ve tried many diets and programs, but still finding yourself at the starting point in an unhealthy relationship with food? Do you feel that food is controlling your thoughts and your everyday choices? Do you keep telling yourself ‘I’ll start Monday to diet’ and then find yourself bingeing on the weekend…and then restricting so much on Monday that you get off track Monday night?

It doesn’t have to be that way for the rest of your life. Food is not the enemy, your body is not the enemy, not finding the right fit for you is the enemy to your success.

I’m Dina, and it’s my passion to help those trying to reach a healthy lifestyle without restricting themselves and being on a constant diet. After 15 years working alongside clients living with various challenges, I started NutritionMontreal in order to offer a human and one-on-one guided help to those tired of the turning wheel of diets.

I truly believe that changing your eating and lifestyle routine  is about finding the right fit for YOU, and not the other way around. I work alongside my clients through 3 to 6-month programs to help them understand what is blocking their progress, and how to overcome it.

If you are ready to end the vicious cycle of yoyo dieting or ready to make a healthy and long term change once and for all, click here to get started.

Let me be your guide and friend to support you in your quest for health, and keep you motivated and inspired to reach your full potential.



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