LeanFit CompleteGreen Protein, product review

Protein powders are an option for those wanting to ensure they are consuming enough protein and that dislike animal products or are vegan. But, protein powders should always be the last option, but, as a dietitian, I must try and review for the masses.

It can be hard to find a vegan-based protein powder that isn’t grainy. Whey proteins (derived from dairy products) have a smoother consistency, but due to an increased number of allergies related to milk product, vegan options have really taken a big leap in the past few years.

So, I gave this LeanFit product a try (http://www.leanfit.com/leanfit-completegreen-protein/). The nutritional value looked good, the advertising too, so I bought it. However, it will be the last time I purchase it because for me, it was way too sweet. Adding it to my smoothies first thing in the morning made me feel like I was ingesting a lot of sugar (well, artificial sugar), and was quite nauseous when I followed their instruction of 1 scoop. I don’t like to waste, so I had to mix it with an unflavored protein powder to be able to keep it down, and it was kinda better…kinda…

Lesson learned: always buy in small packages if possible 😉


  • Flavour: 2/5
  • Texture: 3/5
  • Price value: 4/5



8 thoughts on “LeanFit CompleteGreen Protein, product review

  1. I’m using sunwarrior vegan rice protein at the moment. At first it was too sweet for me but now I’m used to it so it’s fine. The one I used before was based on soy protein. As a vegan I consume soy frequently (tofu, soy milk, soy yoghurt and so on), so I thought it might be good to have a non-soy-based protein drink. Also I saw conflicting research on whether soy is healthy. Can you give an advice on that for me and fellow vegans/vegetarians?

    1. The issue with Soy product is mostly Soy protein isolates. These are mainly found in vegan-based protein powders and various products such as granola bars. This concentrated form of Soy has been shown, in some studies, to be detrimental to our health.

      If you are consuming mostly Soy-based products in your day-to-day, then always better to stay on the safe side and opt for a non-Soy based protein powder.

      However, overall, we don’t have many studies informing us if Soy is healthy for the general population. So, for your day–to-day, varying your protein sources with legumes, nuts, seeds, nutritional yeast and Soy would be best 🙂

      Hope this helps, and thank you for your comment.

      Dina Merhbi, for NutritionMontreal

      1. Thank you for your very kind comment. I try to vary my protein sources from day to day, frequently including chickpeas, peas, beans, nuts, seitan & tofu, but I don’t think my soy protein consumption is far higher than the recommended amount, so I guess that’s ok.

      1. Remember if you purchased the product from Costco… they will refund the return. I purchased the same product and wanted to vomit because of the sweetener. It was beyond gross!! Blah! :p

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